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FGM in Kenya

According to The Kenya Demographic and Health Survey 2014,  the national prevalence of FGM is at 21% for women/girls between the ages of 15 and 49. And 11% national prevalence of FGM among girls between the ages 15 and 19. (Data validated by UNFPA).

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FGM in Focus with Collins Orono

Meet Kenya’s Collins Orono. He produces three programmes that focus on children. All the programmes air on National TV in Kenya and focus on advancing the voice of the child on issues that affect them, especially harmful cultural practices like FGM.

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Cross Border FGM – Tanzania and Kenya Radio Conversations 

My project was about Cross border FGM from Kenya to Tanzania. I went to Namanga/Tanzania with a team of four other people. We got to engage with authorities from both Kenya and Tanzania, parents who have transported their children to Tanzania for FGM as well as brokers who are paid to transport the girls to Tanzania for the cut.

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FGM and Teen Pregnancies – Radio Conversation to End-FGM, Kenya  

The project entails the rising and rampant cases of Teenage pregnancy and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) among school-going girls across the County, I wish to carry out a campaign on a strategy to end teenage pregnancy and Female genital mutilation by making frequent visits to the rural areas and also create awareness through media address to local radio stations because most of the people affected come from those parts of the County.

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Callers from Rural Villages contact End-FGM radio show, West Pokot, Kenya 

Our project was both media and community engagement activity, we involved North Rift Rift Radio in our media campaign and our local surveillance group in Otiot village in Marus sub-location for sensitization. The reason why we engaged North Radio is that it is the most listened to radio station in West Pokot and the most popular in places where we work with high FGM/CM prevalence.

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