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FGM in Somalia

According to The Somalian MISC survey 2006,  the national prevalence of FGM is at 98% for women/girls between the ages of 15 and 49. And 97% national prevalence of FGM among girls between the ages 15 and 19.

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FGM in Focus: Born Perfect Special 

During this Facebook Live special Jeremiah Kipainoi invites Davidson Malison (Activist, Nigeria), Tony Mwebia (Activist, Kenya), and Hassan Istiila (Journalist, Somalia) to explain the benefits of the Born Perfect campaign which has engaged football legends in the talk to end FGM.

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The Conduit Club Anti-FGM Evening 2022

This special evening, held on Thursday 3rd February, marked a significant milestone in the Global Media Campaign’s efforts to end FGM. The GMC team – including Director Maggie O Kane and six leading campaigners from Sierra Leone, Kenya, Nigeria, and Somalia – joined this conversation which was presented to a group of keen listeners live from the Conduit Club in Covent Garden. Other key members of the panel also included the BBC’s renowned international editor, Lyse Doucet and the chair of the Global Media Campaign, the human rights lawyer, Dexter Dias.

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