End FGM media campaigners reach 253 million

2020 is the year GMC  enabled and intensified  locally-led  FGM media campaigns in the midst  of a global pandemic.  

As a conduit to our growing network of FGM media campaigners, influencers and journalists, they have collaborated and we have facilitated 266 media campaign projects through our Direct Action Media Grants programme.

CountryMedia Projects fundedEst. Reach (in Millions)Est. airtime hrs
Sierra Leone613,000,0007.5

This year- GMC’s direct action grant recipients have upped the ante and showcased their impassioned desire to #EndFGM especially because of concerning media reports of increased cases of FGM and gender-based violence due to the pandemic. 

Media projects supported were COVID secure and targeted most disconnected, vulnerable communities where FGM campaigns needed to be escalated. Projects funded were diverse and innovative

Examples of funded projects are:

  • Radio roadshows organised by Domtila Chesang (iRep) in West Pokot Kenya
  • Producing and airing three FGM dramas on Kalsan TV and Radion in Somalia (Ifrah Foundation)
  • 16 days of conversations across 16 villages in Gambia as part of 16 days of Activism (SafeHands for Girls) 

A total of 266 direct action media grants were awarded to organisations and campaigners, who produced 188.1 hours of localised FGM Under COVID content for local tv and radios, delivered in local languages, reaching over 253 Million watchers and listeners worldwide.