UNFPA/GMC surveyed over 500 FGM media activists in 9 countries to find out how to best to tackle the increasing levels of FGM taking in refugee and camps for internally displaced people, during COVID-19.  

Focus countries: Somalia, Somaliland, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Mali, Guinea, Guinea Bissau and Sudan.

Timeline for action:

October 2020-November 2020:

Surveyed  FGM grassroots organisations in 9 countries    

Using the recommendation from each country for tackling FGM we will launch media campaigns in the following refugee camps in the following 6 countries.

  • November 2020 Somalia, Puntland and Somali Region of Ethiopia
  • December 2020 Mali (Pelengana, Bougounin)
  • January 2021 Ethiopia (Gedo, Kebribeyah)
  • March 2021 Somalia (Mogadishu)
  • April 2021 Guinea (Kaliah)
  • June 2021 Guinea-Bissau (Safim)

Survey Methodology 

The Global Media Campaign led by long term FGM media campaigners Ifrah Ahmed in Somalia, Madame Rugiatu Turay in Sierra Leone, Ayo Bello in Nigeria, Dr Morisanda Kouyaté in Guinea, and Oumou Touré in Mali have surveyed the Global Media Campaign networks of in-country activists to develop the most effective programmatic use of media in Humanitarian settings.

The most intense research and pilot trial work took place in a refugee camp near Mogadishu in October and November 2020.  


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Dates of the survey: October 28th of 2020 to November 6th 2020

Respondents: activists from 9 focus countries (Mali, Guinea, Nigeria, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Puntland)

Highly recommended
Local FM Radios in a Humanitarian setting.  Group listening All countries 
Bulk buying radios/transistors and megaphones$10 to $16 eachAll countries
Purchase of weekly state radio airtime for jinglesEg. weekly jingle before Emission Baroni on Liberté TV – $143/day (Mali)All countries
Listening galleries (people gathering in groups to listen to radio/ watch TV)Somalia, Kenya, Guinea
Short dramas on radioEg. weekly 1h slot on state-owned broadcaster RTG – $322/month (Guinea)Somalia, Mali
Purchase of projectors for outdoor broadcasts$200 each, to use during weekly projection sessionsMali
Buy phone data bundles for young activists Eg. Safaricom data bundle – $10/month (Dadaab, Kenya)Kenya
TV/ listening groupsRequires a TV of $100 each and speakers of $50 eachSomalia, Ethiopia
Travelling drama groupsGuinea, Somalia 
Other suggestions
Billboard at the entrance to the camps
Eg. bespoke 3x6m billboard in Nahir refugee camp – $1800 each (Somalia)
Creation of mosaic as permanent installations$1,200 eachSomalia, Mali, Guinea
Dance performancesEg. the work of dancer Fatoumata Bagayoko who performs against FGMMali