I went through FGM close to thirty five years ago, The humiliation of stripping naked before strangers.. not to mention the pain of the act robbed me of my innocence and dignity.Mungu Yuko.

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I graduated from GMC Mali in 2018. I made several awareness campaigns through several media which allowed me to sensitize several people. During my activities my partners were generally doctors, midwives, Religious leader activists, journalists, survivors … and I met people suffering from FGM who gave me a lot of courage to put an end to this practice. So I am one hundred percent determined to end FGM in the world and especially in Mali.

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Through the media support received from GMC during the summer cutting media campaign, on radio Togotane 88.3 FM in Kuria, Migori County, Kenya, I called upon our County Commissioner of police, Mr. Meru, to step up surveillance efforts in Kuria; and last week, he heeded to my call by coming to Kuria and gave all local administration a directive to step up FGM surveillance and reporting in their respective locations and villages.

Through the last radio talk, more chiefs in Kuria are now reaching out,  supporting the end FGM campaign. An example is Chief Muhindi Motatiro of Komotobo location who has gone ahead and formed an Anti-FGM committee and a work plan that will help in accelerating ending FGM from the locational level. Also looking forward to seeing other chiefs do the same.


Vincent Ogallo, Kuria, Kenya

A Teacher in Kenema, Sierra Leone wanted to help his aunt to cut their children this December, but after listening to an FGM discussion at SLBC Kenema he changed his mind and also made her listen to the Campaign Team on Radio to know the dangers of FGM.  She has made up her mind and will not cut them… and she is even ready to join the campaign team.  So the campaign against FGM has helped this woman and her family so much.

Joseph R Tholley,
Team leader Kenema

Après avoir mené un combat contre les MGF à travers la campagne Global Media, j’ai discuté avec une femme habitant la Préfecture de Labé sur les conséquences néfastes liées à la santé de la fille et de la femme. Elle a donc décidé d’arrêter l’excision de la fillette, elle accepte donc de participer à la sensibilisation pour l’abandon des MGF, non seulement qu’elle se souvient avoir perdu une nièce à cause de l’excision par hémorragie, en plus à cause de l’excision là-bas. Il y a beaucoup de femmes qui sont battues, elle a promis de dénoncer toute personne qui pratiquerait les MGF dans son quartier.

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Bendu Momoh of Methodist Junior Secondary School, Kenema, Sierra Leone, a JSS3 pupil was trained by the Amazonian Initiative Movement (AIM) with support from Wallace Global Fund through the Global Media Campaign. Bendu is one of the members of the School Clubs of Influence formed by AIM. She was very brave and outspoken during the training and in her contributions and shed tears after the sessions. 

Ten days after school was closed, Bendu’s parent invited a Sowei (traditional cutter) to cut her and other children from her neighborhood. She was confronted by her mother but Bendu refused and used her knowledge from the training to convince her peers not to accept subjection to FGM. She asked her dad to choose between her education or initiation.

Bendu threatened to drop out of school if they insisted on getting her cut.

She called on her teacher and Director of AIM to train more schools in Kenema district as it is one stronghold for FGM.

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