Now a total of 562 media activists are ending FGM in 9 countries

The Global Media campaign works with a total of 562 media activists to end FGM in 9 countries.
We have been training activists in-country with bespoke 5-day media campaigns since 2014.

The countries where GMC media activists are now working are: The Gambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Somaliland, Ethiopia, Mali and Guinea.In 2021 we will expand the media campaigns to Sudan, Eritrea, Guinea Bissau and Egypt.
The activists work is supported by UNFPA, Wallace Global, and the Soroptomists, with Direct Action Media Grants, which allow them to target their local radio and TV stations with bespoke FGM content. The Direct Action Grants are distributed bi-monthly and allow them to bring the local influencers onto the local radio or TV to deliver anti-FGM messages.

According to our estimates, future media campaigns can achieve 1.096 billion listens/views a year in our existing and new countries of operation.
This includes repeat views/listens but is indicative of access to Radio, Television and the Internet in the countries where we shall be working in.

The final figure is based on conservative estimates, primarily regarding access to media in the home and as an individual, rather than listening/viewing in public spaces.
The data sets used for media access are largely National Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS), with the most recent published results used in each country. The most recent data sets vary by country from 2018 to the early 2000s. The focus has been on the accuracy of the data, as opposed to picking more contemporary, speculative data sets.

Somalia/Puntland/Somaliland are all lacking in reliable data and are thus largely omitted from the results. The table in this Annexe is live and so any new data will be added and the numbers in this document will reflect any change.
The key data lines regarding media are:

% of households with Radio,
% of households with TV and
% of total population with internet access.

An access to Media’ average was calculated for each country based on those three percentages, which was then calculated as a total ‘Access to Media’ average for all of the countries (35.2%).

35.2% of the total population of all of the countries (based on UN Population Prospects, 2019 Edition, Medium Variant) was calculated at 182,739,000.
This figure was multiplied by 6 to reflect 6 media surges each year with consistent reach. This calculation leaves the figure of 1.096 billion listens/views a year in our existing and new countries.

Figures have been rounded for ease and clarity, the full numbers are available in the following slide.