Nigeria Booster Academy

Strengthening knowledge and innovative media content creation to reinforce FGM as a national priority in Nigeria

On 29th – 30th September 2020, in partnership with UNFPA Nigeria, a two-day media masterclass took place participated by an average of 100 people on Zoom per day; and viewed by 9600 on Facebook.

Of the 202 people that signed up to the media masterclass; 97%  are new to GMC, 34% are campaigners and 47% journalists; whom all opted-in to join Nigeria EndFGM Network to be in with a chance to access Direct Action Grants

Day 1 
Media Campaign strategies: How to amplify your grassroots on mainstream and Social Media work, and Status of FGM Campaigns Nigeria: A reflection of what is working and what is not.

Day 2 

A practical session on how to use Social Media for campaigning and finally a session on media proposals and report writing

A lot of positive feedback and appreciation was received. Particularly to esteemed panelists such as award-winning Journalist and Editor-in-Chief of Premium Times Musikilu Mojeed as well as seeing fellow campaigners like Ayo Bello facilitating sessions (proposal writing and reporting) or sharing how media has transformed her advocacy and campaigning life was very well received by 3 new campaigners that attended and joined the media masterclass.

This Booster academy/ Media Masterclass was originally planned to be carried out in person in Nigeria. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the training was done online via Zoom.

Format used included film, presentations, Q&A’s as well as practical sessions with attendees where they were able to vote, and invited to tweet on #MediaToEndFGM which was well received by participants