Tana River FGM Media Impact


Our activist-led campaign has been running in the Tana River, Hola region, since November 2018.

We have carried out a total of four surveys to gauge the impact of our campaigns. 

Key metrics that demonstrate our campaign is changing minds and behaviour:

  • Those saying Type 3 FGM “is necessary” has fallen from 89% to 5%
  • And those “changing their minds” about FGM increased from 60% to 97%
  • Those understanding the medical harm of FGM increased from 65% to 91% 
  • Those hearing FGM campaigns increased from 16% to 80%

Ref: 2019 methodology and survey

The processed data which was analyzed using the Kobo Toolbox is currently being formatted for presentation. 

Please email Mano through mano@globalmediacampaign.org if you are interested in studying the raw data, which will also be open-sourced and available to the public.