Media To End FGM in Humanitarian Settings

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The UNFPA/Global Media Campaign will extend its media focus to tackling FGM in Refugee and IDP camps on November 10th,  2020.

We will work with activists like Somalia’s Ifrah Ahmed, Sierra Leone’s Ragiatu Turay, Guinea’s Dr Morisanda Kouyaté and Mali’s Oumou Touré to run this webinar on work in refugee and IDP camps where girls are at risk from FGM.
This will be in the following countries: Ethiopia, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Mali.

The centerpiece of this humanitarian webinar will be the results of a survey of all media activists carried out with GMC on October and November 2020.
The poll survey asked FGM Media Campaigners to identify the best use of media in a humanitarian setting to end FGM.

The preliminary results of the survey indicated:

Live drama is the most effective use of media where none other existed.
Local radio featuring community influences broadcast to listening groups
Buying cheap transistor radios to organise listening groups in the camps as one of the most effective forms of media to be used in refugee and IDP camp

Other methods were recommended, such as:

  • Projectors for outdoor broadcasts
  • Use of megaphones where no local radio exists (Guinea, The Gambia) 
  • Cheap transistor radios where none exist (Ethiopia) 
  • Listening groups in refugee and IDP camps (Somalia, Kenya,  Guinea)
  • TV listening groups at electrical shops (Somalia, Ethiopia)
  • Small traveling drama groups (moving from refugee and IDP localities)
  • Mosaic created by women in the IDP and refugee camps, to create permanent installations against FGM
  • Dance performances (Mali)  
  • Train a media trainer to train a trainer  (Nigeria) 
  • Traditional singing competitions that include anti-FGM messages (The Gambia)

English sessionFrench session
November 19th 2020
9AM (NY) | 2PM (London) | 5PM (Nairobi)Hosted by Naimah Hassan

Ragiatu Turay, activist, Sierra Leone
Brownkey  Abdullahi, currently living in Daadab refugee camp
Hassan Istiallahi- Journalist, Somalia

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November 10th 2020
11AM (NY) | 4PM (London) | 4PM (Bamako) Hosted by Oumou Touré and Alice Roques

Agnes Bagneli, UNFPA, Nigeria
Guinean activists TBC 29/10
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