The Global Media Campaign to end fgm takes the fight in Africa straight to the frontlines – supporting a movement of over 1000 activists and local women’s rights organisations in 15 countries. 

Female Genital Mutilation is a worldwide issue that concerns 230 million women and girls across 30 countries. It is usually carried out with a razor blade, without anesthetic leading to heavy blood loss and complications that include, septicemia, infection, infertility, fistula (ripping between the anus and vagina due to inflexible scar tissue), and  brain damage due to baby being trapped in the birth canal.

Through the #FrontlineEndingFGM movement, we shift power and resources to help feminist organizations and activists across Africa take a bold, new, and highly effective approach to ending FGM. Our impact studies show a dramatic drop in the rates of FGM when our sponsored local women’s organisations take the lead. With us, donors have a fail safe localisation mechanism to get funds safely to local organisations.

Sadia Hussein

Today, #FrontlineEndingFGM, supported by The Global Media Campaign is running their own Born Perfect Women’s Caravans going from village to village across Africa to stop the cutting as well as training the #Frontline to carry out unrelenting cheap local media campaigns to reinforce the message to end FGM.


  • Our tried and tested framework ensures funder’s donations reach the frontline. 
  • Every one of our 1,000 activists are managed by one trained and experienced “Triple-A activist” from each country. 
  • ‘Triple-A Activist”, reporting to our programme directors are paid a small (capped) fee to handle campaign submissions, and review expense reports received from the activists delivering cheap local media campaigns, ensuring full oversight of activities.  
  • Everything is done through safe and reliable localized pipelines, in order to deliver funds fast, safe, and efficiently, including to women’s rights organizations, who we also train to run their own media campaigns. 
  • All campaign results are evidenced in line with international impact assessment guidelines. 
Born Perfect Caravan 1
Born Perfect Caravan 2
Born Perfect Caravan 3
Born Perfect Caravan 4
Born Perfect Caravan 5
Born Perfect Caravan 6


Since GMC was set up 10 years ago it has helped frontline women organisation in 15 countries reach over 100 million people with the end FGM and child marriage message. Targeted impact studies show a fall of over 90 per cent in FGM rates when the media campaign run for 3 years.

Rugiatu Turay

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The Global Media Campaign works closely and has been delivering ongoing funding to the Frontline organisations through our “localisation pipeline” from our partners:


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