Impact measurement

Global Media Campaign activists have reached over 810 million viewers and listeners* with anti-FGM messages. The country breakdown is below.
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Audience reach of our media graduates per country
Audience reach of international films
We are an organisation that is constantly learning.
We use impact measurement to inform, adapt and improve our model to make sure we are working with the right messengers to reach the right people with the right messages.
The messages and messengers vary from country to country and community to community; we need research and data to guide us in each context.
Impact Measurement Case Study: Dayaa Women’s Group Media Campaign
In Kenya, our media graduate Sadia Hussein led a 10 day campaign, putting religious leaders on radio to condemn FGM. The preliminary results show that, one month after the campaign:
More than 1 in 4 listeners changed their minds and no longer thought FGM was necessary.
Of the 27% listeners who changed their minds, nearly 1/3 said it was as a result of listening to religious leaders condemning the practice and 22% said it was because they had new information on harmful consequences.
100% of respondents could name at least two harmful effects of FGM after the media campaign, when only 67% could before the intervention.
87% of respondents said that FGM had been discussed more than usual in the past month.