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Local Organisations Ending FGM and Child Marriage

GMC directly funds frontline local organisations ending FGM and child marriage across Africa. Working directly or with UNFPA, we are reaching over 1000 local organisations.We open source all our knowledge of the best local organisations in the Digital Localisation Directory to end FGM and child marriage

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Who are the Activists working with GMC?

Find out more about the 1000 + campaigners trained as media activists at GMC’s academies in 9 countries, working in-country and across borders : Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Somalia, The Gambia, Ethiopia, Mali, and Guinea.

Sadia Hussein

Media graduate and activist driving down FGM rates by 84% in Hola, Tana River region, Kenya.

Gift Abu

Running Nigeria’s biggest anti-FGM media campaigns in Cross River State.

Ifrah Ahmed

Campaigner and survivor, leading media campaigns in Somalia and Ethiopia.

Hassan Istiila

Journalist and GMC graduate leading on cross-border TV campaigns, East Africa.

Lucy-Ann Ganda

Sierra Leone’s most famous campaigning journalist leading media teams across her country

Meet the soccer legends that have joined Born Perfect

Meet the legends and soccer football stars that have joined the campaign to say “my daughter is born perfect.”

Campaigners' latest impact results

Media survey - Tana River, Kenya. (January 2021)


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