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Action Class: Voices of Survivors to End FGM

In this session, Sadia Hussein led the discussion on why most survivors don’t speak out against FGM in the presence of journalists and media practitioners/ content creators to provide a better environment to amplify the voices of survivors on the media, discussed and laid out a roadmap to encourage more to share their stories and kickstart the campaign #SurvivorsToEndFGM.



200 million women and girls alive today globally are survivors of FGM, with more than 125 million of that population in Africa. According to UNFPA, an additional 2 million girls are at risk of undergoing FGM in the next decade due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the majority of the survivors don’t speak out against the harmful traditional practice, making it difficult to campaign in the media at all levels. This is made more difficult because Journalists and other stakeholders are not well versed with the issue.


  1. Explain why survivors are generally reluctant to speak (publicly) on FGM
  2. Explain why their voices are necessary to fight against the practice, and why personal stories are powerful
  3. How to amplify survivors’ voices on the media, to keep them and their audiences safe
  4. Unpack the role of journalists and how they can encourage inclusive, safe dialogues for survivors to add their voices to the #EndFGM movement
  5. Launch of the #SurvivorsToEndFGM campaign

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Yusuf Dauda: How do we encourage #FGM survivors to speak up as more people tend to believe them more than other campaigners?#SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh @zeynabIsmail Share on X MANDE David: Great session ongoing, massive ideas from rare Ladies, Uganda needs this knowledge.#SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh @zeynabIsmail Share on X Chibuzo Orame: Can it be possible to come up with a Community protection strategy that will encourage survivors to speak up?#SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh @zeynabIsmail Share on X Teresiah Nashilu: Seminars , training , capacity building is not enough… I think FGM should be a whole topic in our schools #SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh @zeynabIsmail Share on X Eric Lesire Lengees: The media plays a great role in influencing the masses. When we see Zainab Ismail coming out strongly on ending FGM , she is a role model to many of us.#SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh… Share on X Caren Waraba: Northrift Radio, Westpokot county keenly following, my suggestion is to use short, precise commercials/advertisements / skits on different media platforms about #FGM – it can help reduce the cut.#SurvivorsEndFGM… Share on X Eric Lesire Lengees: Capacity building is all about knowledge sharing, information is power #SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh @zeynabIsmail Share on X Rosemary Ukata: I headed an organization for 10 years fighting such obnoxious practices, encouraging the rural communities to speak up.Bringing people together assures them they are not alone – this is very important. They can share… Share on X Eric Lesire Lengees: The Kisima declaration in Samburu County boosted our confidence levels in the fight against #FGM where Samburu elders blessed an end to FGM @lolojuberna @JosephineKulea#SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi… Share on X Pacifica Ongecha: FGM is such a menace and in Kenya today it is rising and getting even into regions where it had not been heard much and it is formulated through a sect. How can the media come in? #SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa… Share on X Ruth Karimi: I'm heading a CBO in Kenya, Kirinyaga county, currently doing aggressive campaigns against FGM and I have realized that targeting perpetrators within the community is also a very good strategy. #SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm… Share on X Isa Ndegwa: Amplifying the voices of survivors first requires those in media to understand the difference between victims and survivors. I have noticed that often media reports end up projecting survivors as victims which of course… Share on X Pacifica Ongecha: Of course I agree legal framework is okay but should be a framework that is actualized. Involve all concerned parties in the formulation of the same. and severe action taken against the perpetrators.#SurvivorsEndFGM… Share on X Isa Ndegwa: Another key issue of importance is to create a safe space where survivors feel free to air their views without fear of being misunderstood or misjudged #SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh @zeynabIsmail Share on X Wurie Mamadu Tamba Barrie: FGM is an economic, social and political, and cultural issue that needs to be handled carefully with the right messages. #SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh @zeynabIsmail Share on X Peace Uchechukwu: Some of the media persons here in Nigeria believe FGM is a necessity… and it makes it hard for awareness on that to be taken seriously… #SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh @zeynabIsmail Share on X Isa Ndegwa: The approach used to amplify survivors' voices should also be survivor-centered; to empower them as stories of success rather than victims of the horrors of FGM. #SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh… Share on X Ada M Bojang: I fully support the idea of creating a safe space where survivors can share their stories. #SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh @zeynabIsmail Share on X WINNIE WANYONYI: It's very true the local media should be used as a tool to reach people in the grassroots and highlight FGM survivors, they should give a voice! ~West Pokot county #SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh… Share on X Eric Lesire Lengees: Thank you Global Media Campaign for this. I am Kenyan but I can see a panelist from Nigeria. Ending FGM is a global issue, therefore there is a need to unite and help end it wherever we are #SurvivorsEndFGM… Share on X Maggie O'Kane: If you wish to join @gmcendfgm to help end FGM in your country- and in particular to work on local media to end FGM – then please email us at and we will put you directly in contact with the… Share on X HELLEN GATHOGO: NTV's @Rosiewangui has highlighted soo many cases… but what next? #SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh @zeynabIsmail Share on X Maggie O'Kane: This is the challenge for activists to search for survivors to speak out. The more survivors speak- the easier it becomes. #SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh @zeynabIsmail Share on X Moninkanola Ogidan (Panelist, Nigeria): You need to let the people you are speaking know that it is criminal to practice FGM in Nigeria now, not even a place like Lagos. You need to work with people who are already on the campaign and… Share on X Wurie Mamadu Tamba Barrie: Chukwu has said the premium challenge is the mindset of survivors that see the practice as a right. #SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh @zeynabIsmail Share on X Lola Ibrahim: As an #FGM survivor I didnt have the courage to speak out publicly against fgm until I went through therapy. We need to provide psycho social support to Survivors #SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh… Share on X Maggie O'Kane: This is true Pacifica – let not survivors put themselves at risk on the radio when sects are involved. #SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh @zeynabIsmail Share on X Lola Ibrahim: Sometimes survivors are either too embarrassed or ashamed to come out because of the stigma and stereotypes associated with patriarchal societal pressures on women #SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh… Share on X Isaiah Maresi: The conversation is powerful.#SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh @zeynabIsmail Share on X Peace Uchechukwu: Orienting these young ones (males and females) helps to build a strong peer group in the future that will seriously stand against this practice in their communities. #SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi… Share on X Wurie Mamadu Tamba Barrie: my suggestion is 1. engage the girls on FGM. 2. engage the survivors to talk about their experiences. 3. engage men and boys on #FGM issues #SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh @zeynabIsmail Share on X Wurie Mamadu Tamba Barrie: using animation for information dissemination is a huge tool. #SurvivorsEndFGM @gptoendfgm @unfpa @kipainoi @sadearh @zeynabIsmail Share on X

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Jeremiah Kipainoi

Kipainoi is Director of Communications at GMC, and is working with activists to effectively run their media campaigns to end FGM across FGM-Practicing regions in Africa. He is an award-winning multimedia journalist covering women's rights issues and has been published on the BBC, Deutsche Welle, The New York Times, among others. He hosts the End FGM Podcast and the End FGM Live, bringing together local and global stakeholders working at the End FGM. Personal website: