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Media action class on reporting FGM in Kenya

The Global Media Campaign to End FGM (GMC) partnered with Journalists for Human Rights (JHR) to hold a training for journalists and campaigners on reporting FGM in Kenya.

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About JHR

Journalists for Human Rights (JHR) is a Canadian organization with experience in more than 28 countries around the world. Its mission is to empower journalists to cover human rights issues effectively and ethically for the benefit of their communities.

JHR has launched and implementing its “Canada-World: The Voice of Women and Girls” project, a four-year media development project targeting the media, civil society organizations, women’s rights organizations, academic institutions, policy makers and other stakeholders campaigning for human rights in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa. 


Journalists often have inadequate resources and capacity to report effectively and ethically on FGM issues. 

Masterclass Purpose

To train, fund and link journalists and grassroots anti FGM campaigners to produce accountability content on FGM across the 22 hotspot counties in Kenya. 


  • Cover legal frameworks in Kenya
  • Cover safeguarding guidelines when reporting
  • Placing the FGM issue in a human rights context.
  • Linking journalists with campaigners for better collaboration and coverage after the session.

Watch the masterclass here

Toolkit for campaigners and journalists

Dennis Maithya: Reach out to the administrative officers like local chiefs and sub chiefs, village heads as they are on ground and can be very instrumental to #Endfgm. Reporting FGM in #KE masterclass tips: @jhrnews @vwgrs. Share on XMaggie O'Kane: Top advice! Look for passionate journalists. Offer them an exclusive; and also seek new angles by finding good interviewees, cutters, mothers, traffickers... human stories. It is all about characters- and personalities.… Share on X.@sadearh: Media is really powerful. Indeed we can tell the difference... One talkshow can reach thousands of people while an outreach can reach maximum of 100 people. Reporting FGM in #KE masterclass tips: @jhrnews @vwgrs. Share on X

Antony Nyongesa: I think to help boost the #EndFGM campaign, activists should lobby for a legislation that will compel courts expedite the hearing on the FGM cases so as to serve justice quickly. Cases dragging in courts will encourage… Share on X

Dennis Maithya: We have collaborated with Dayaa Women Group in Tana River. One of the most serious #EndFGM campaign group and selfless in helping local media in finding sources. Just a call a way and they will help you find relevant… Share on X

@Mustaphadumbuya: I agree with Judie, it’s helpful to build a community of journalists and campaigners where you’d create a safe space and look out for each other. Reporting FGM in #KE masterclass tips: @jhrnews @vwgrs. Share on X

Jackline Barongo: Reporting on any issue in the society needs passion. #EndFGM here in Gusii region is a priority since it's really affecting a lot of people. We need to enlighten our people on the effects Reporting FGM in #KE… Share on X

.@collins_orono: As Journalists, we love exciting and catchy stories; maybe campaigners should change tact when asking Journalists to cover their stories. Reporting FGM in #KE masterclass tips: @jhrnews @vwgrs. Share on X

Charles Wanyoro: Thank you for your invitation, it has been really an insightful session, any activist in Meru region can call me. Reporting FGM in #KE masterclass tips: @jhrnews @vwgrs. Share on X

Campaigners/ Journalists QnA session

Jeremiah Kipainoi

Kipainoi is Director of Communications at GMC, and is working with activists to effectively run their media campaigns to end FGM across FGM-Practicing regions in Africa. He is an award-winning multimedia journalist covering women's rights issues and has been published on the BBC, Deutsche Welle, The New York Times, among others. He hosts the End FGM Podcast and the End FGM Live, bringing together local and global stakeholders working at the End FGM. Personal website:

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