You are currently viewing Somali two-Day #MediaToEnd FGM Action Class

Somali two-Day #MediaToEnd FGM Action Class

This two-day session reflected on current FGM Campaigns and  explored best Media Practices to Amplify #EndFGM in the Somali Context.

Date: 23rd – 24th June, 2021

Target audience
#EndFGM Somali Media Campaigners, media personnel, religious and CSO communities in Somali speaking regions.


  • Identify strategies to amplify influential #EndFGM voices on the media (including female religious leaders)
  • Explore what works and doesn’t in Somali media campaign to End FGM.  
  • Soft launch of the Dear Daughter campaign as well as how people can take part. 
  • Conduct a refresher social media training for participants.


Bring all key stakeholders together to act against growing trends of gender-based violence during COVID_19 pandemic particularly in Somali regions.

Topics/ Objectives 

  1. Amplify voices and better support women (particularly Religious) to speak out against FGM on the media 
  2. Reflect on-going FGM Media Campaigns in Somali context and discuss strategies to improve them
  3. Explore best methods of amplifying religious leader’s voices (particularly female) against All forms of FGM on Somali media
  4. Introducing the ‘Dear Daughter’ Campaign and how to get involved. 
  5. Social media refresher training for campaigners 

Implementing partners 

  • Global Media Campaign
  • Ifrah Foundation
  • UNFPA Somalia 

Dates and time of Media Masterclass

Date: 23rd – 24th June 2021. 

Time: 12- 2pm (London) | 2 to 4pm (Somalia)  

Daily session plan (Programme)

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Target localities (districts/regions): 

  • Banadir
  • Galmudug 
  • Puntland
  • Somaliland 
  • Somali region of Ethiopia 
  • Somali speakers of Kenya

Somali Media Masterclass was for:

  • #EndFGM Campaigners 
  • The Media (editors / journalists)
  • Religious leaders (including female)
  • CSO representatives
  • Government representatives 

Jeremiah Kipainoi

Kipainoi is Director of Communications at GMC, and is working with activists to effectively run their media campaigns to end FGM across FGM-Practicing regions in Africa. He is an award-winning multimedia journalist covering women's rights issues and has been published on the BBC, Deutsche Welle, The New York Times, among others. He hosts the End FGM Podcast and the End FGM Live, bringing together local and global stakeholders working at the End FGM. Personal website: