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Medicalisation of FGM in Nigeria


A lot has been done in Nigeria to end FGM but the practice is still rife. 20 Million women and girls between the ages of 15-49 in Nigeria have been cut. According to the population council, one out of every four of that population has been cut by a medical practitioner.


This webinar challenges Medicalization as a means of perpetrating FGM. It is designed to make people understand Medicalization doesn’t gratify FGM. It allows medical practitioners further publicly discourage the practice of FGM.


  1.  To question the prevalence of FGM through Medicalization in Nigeria.
  2. To equip campaigners with right knowledge and approach to tackle Medicalization of FGM in Nigeria.
  3. To create awareness on the implications of Medicalization.
  4. To hold medical practitioners accountable to their obligations of saving lives and not damaging lives.

Implementing partners 

  • Global Media Campaign
  • UNFPA 

The panel

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Jeremiah Kipainoi

Kipainoi is Director of Communications at GMC, and is working with activists to effectively run their media campaigns to end FGM across FGM-Practicing regions in Africa. He is an award-winning multimedia journalist covering women's rights issues and has been published on the BBC, Deutsche Welle, The New York Times, among others. He hosts the End FGM Podcast and the End FGM Live, bringing together local and global stakeholders working at the End FGM. Personal website: