The story of the new frontline feminist movement, #FrontLineEndingFGM 

Over 1000 activists from 10 countries are involved in the launch of #FrontlineEndingFGM backed by the UNFPA, the EU, USAID, The Global Media Campaign, and the Wallace Global Fund. Media-trained by the Global Media Campaign – the activists and frontliners have been campaigning locally, often using the media, and have already run over 2600 media campaigns since work began in 2013.

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2022 Kenya Overview – #FrontlineEndingFGM

This December we are seeing so much action on the ground all across Kenya as campaigners fight against FGM over the long 2 month Christmas holiday break. Chiefs are reminding their communities of the severity of punishment for the perpetrators, campaigners are talking to the girls to find out cutting plans, and police are enforcing and rescuing girls. 

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