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Media Outreach and Training – Ogun State

16 Days of Activism – Ogun State, Nigeria.

November – December 2023.

Campaigner Busayo Omobwale Soybebo and their team held a media outreach programme, funded by The Global Media Campaign and the UNFPA as part of the global 16 Days of Activism Campaign against Gender-based Violence, to intensify awareness of FGM.

Soybebo and team chose Ogun State television and Wise FM for media outreach as they have the widest range of audience in Abeokuta, Ogun state. The team met with the anchor of a popular TV show called ‘Ladies Rendezvous’ on Ogun state Television, Miss Charity James, who agreed to feature them for a one-hour television programme on FGM.

The team’s activities included:

  • Production and airing of jingle in commemoration of 16 days of activism against Gender-based violence. This jingle was recorded both in local language and pidgin (local English) and aired twice daily for 10 days.
  • A One-hour live TV show: The commemoration continued with the live feature on the TV show ‘Ladies Rendezvous’ featuring Busayo Soyebo (GMC grantee) and Barrister Habeeb Whyte. They discussed FGM and its legal implications, with both parties campaigning strongly against FGM: the pains of FGM, the effects, laws prohibiting FGM, and FGM as a human rights violation that must be completely abated.

  • 45 Minutes live Radio program: This live program hosted GMC grantee, Busayo Soyebo. She explained that Ogun state has a low prevalence rate of FGM but that the state has many people from states with high prevalence rates of FGM which is why it is important to raise awareness.
  • A Training Day on FGM: The campaign was taken to 5 selected school students in the community, who were invited for training on Gender-Based Violence. Two media personnel, 40 students, 10 teachers and five community members attended. The participants were trained so that they were equipped with necessary skills and information on the prevention of sexual and gender-based violence and FGM. The two media personnel from FreshFM, Kikelomo Obabi and Elegbede Remilekun, stressed the importance of media in helping survivors get justice. This event was covered by Tribune newpaper and published on 13th December, 2023

Success story

These activities raised awareness about Gender-based violence and FGM among the students and teachers, and received positive feedback. Participants, TV and radio hosts showed a high level of satisfaction about the awareness program. Media personnel at the training expressed the desire to have the organizer on their various programs in future.