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TV Interviews to End FGM, Jigjiga, Ethiopia

By Mohamed Abdullah,

Mohamed Abdullah, media campaigner and Journalist based in Jigjiga, Ethiopia from Universal TV, organised well-prepared interviews about FGM and its impact to the female, particularly young children.

Our Media Project:

Interviews were aimed at raising awareness as part of the commemoration of African child day because FGM is a cultural practice dating back thousands of years.

While FGM it is not part of Islam or Christianity it is important to break this perception and it is better to grasp that there is a strong role for religious leaders to play in delinking FGM from religions.

For the commemoration of the African child, we have prepared a report about the impact of FGM in the Somali region. To conduct this media project Universal TV invited mothers and religious scholars to persuade the community of their attitudes towards FGM through the media. Since mothers have been victims of FGM practice and religious leaders have a great role in the guiding of society spiritually.

Sheikh Abdikadir Aden Siro

Sheikh Abdikadir Aden is an Active member of GMC and anti-FGM campaigner
Speaking on African child day. Adan Siiro a well-known Somali magistrate says:

“It’s a great pleasure to me to witness this great day marked on the African child. It has great importance for our children. This day deserves to commemorate more than how we celebrate today because children need more protection regarding their health, education, growth, and development of their body and their intelligence to do good things to his/her country better and it is a religious obligation to the education of children.”

Sheikh Abdikadir Aden Siro

Sahra Abdullahi ciise anti-FGM campaigner

Head of the women development department and senior expert who has worked with different NGOs of fighting to end Harmful traditional practices especially FGM for more than 25 years. Sahra is a very great anti-FGM campaigner who has in-depth knowledge on how to end FGM.

Sahra said:

“On behalf of women and youth affairs bureau of Somali region we are ready to develop and enhance the living standard of women and children. We are aware of the violence that happens to children and women and we must end it soon”.

Sahra Abdullahi ciise, anti-FGM campaigner

Sahra also said:

Children are the future, cherished in all societies but measures that violate their rights and health in the name of protecting or benefiting them abound. Gender issues contribute to very high child morbidity and mortality. So, it is our responsibility to keep our children’s rights and protect them from different types of traditional practices that pose serious challenge to health of the children.

Sahra Abdullahi ciise, anti-FGM campaigner

Ruth Harley

Ruth Harley is working with GMC as a Website News Editor, compiling stories written by End FGM campaigners working with the Global Media Campaign to End FGM across Africa. Alongside this work, she is running The Women’s Vinyl Project which empowers women and girls through singing and music and is helping to end FGM.